Nottingham is where my interest in photography first began. My debt of gratitude remains, to the City of Nottingham, for the help and encouragement with photography that led to a successful film career in the British Film Industry.

This website gives me the opportunity to present my photography - a continuing series of images to identify with landmarks, moods and life in the city and create a visual portrait of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire today.

ABOUT FACE - a B&W retrospective exhibition gallery of portraits of people photographed in London 1965-1995

Videos created in Nottingham posted on YouTube 'A Camera In The City' and 'GOOSE FAIR FLAVOUR'

Galleries updated periodically


My grateful thanks to IT technical consultant and good friend Joe Klimis, for his patience, advice, input and guidance in the creation of this website

Rimas Vainorius 2008