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"great did you get the recumbent cyclist to fly? made me think of et! all good wishes tony" tony


"really loved the new website - particularly the new photographs which you have posted up here. magical. lovely colour. i\'ve never seen nottingham look so beautiful." stephan


"I must blog back here often! I see Notingham in a new light." joe.k.


"Dekui uz nuorodas apie nauja tinklapi!" laima


"These photographs are beautiful. Your website is so elegant! " nina


"The website and Nottingham look great here in Australia.Best wishes!" kate matthews


"Gracias por un excellente exposition. Muy pocos veces tengo un sensation de aplaudir alguien que captan con illusion y perseption y al mismo tiempo con grand abilidad technico, logra un fin tan tierna y valiosa. Una Fuerte abrazo " dennis courthope=boas


"Die fotos sind einfach wunderbar. Herzlichst, weiter so! " susan and helmut pertler


"I love the pictures of Nottingham especially." rima gasperas


"Your photographs are so beautiful and so different! What a refreshing change!...x" nina nairn


"Great pictures taken in interesting styles and a well designed site. Well done Rimas - Paul" paul dilks


"nottingham jest naprawde bardzo interesujacum miastem!" martyna


"as always i'm impressed with your work, keep it up! i just wish i could have an eye as perfect as yours." helen kelham


"Hi Rimas, I\'m sitting here with Dalia, who showed me your site! Fantastic photos, but I can\'t seem to leave a message in your guest book!!!!! Gordon." gordon rice


"Impressive photographs. My origins are Nottingham and I have to say that I see this city in a new light. Beautiful images. Nottingham looks so good xx " nijole


"Labai idomi paroda!" vincas plukas


"Hope your'e keeping well Rimas. Site looks fab btw. Going to start a China based fanclub!xx" olly


"amazing how you can capture such remarkable shots of a rather \"unremarkable\" city. xxx " marie cudennec


"Rimas I was googling around and found your website. It is fabulous. Saw the Tuesday Lover website - bit jealous that you got someone else for the back shot but heh it\'s still stunning. How are you? I was told you were living on a boat on the Isle of Wight. All the best Debra" debra nightingale


"Hello Rimas i just wanted to let you know that i purchased one of your photographs from a gallery at mapperly top.please email any more photos of the same as i wish to purchase more.Your print has pride of place in our home in Southampton." stephen adams


"After browsing your website, I love the work that you do,they are a pleasure to the eye keep up the great work.." tracey


"Hi Rimas Julie gave me your www the other day when I was up delivering frames. Just logged on and thoroughly enjoyed the viewing experience. Keep up the good work! Looking fwd to attending your next exhibn too. All the best, hope to see you soon Alan." alan wilson


"hello this is me!" janis


"got office job on computer so had look at your site, very nice dear. hope u and edna r well and enjoying life xxx mrs jones" mrs jones


"Hi Rimas, I don\'t know why but your name popped into my mind and in this wonderful new world of ours, I googled you and found this fabulous site!! I hope you\'re well. I live in Ireland now, still animating, but on computers now and working at home... I hope all is well with you and yours. Rory" rory fellowes


"Hi Rimas, Its Samantha, Sally\'s daughter. Thought I would comment saying its a good website, the pictures of Nottingham are nice. :D " samantha jones


"i like the pictures mainly the one of the one eyed skate boarding afgan ski instructer. very good my friend see you tomorrow 7 ish" a friend


"Dearest Rimas Just to let you know that we are thinking of you today (3rd April) and send you all best wishes for happiness, good health and fortune. Why don\'t you give me your telephone numnber and I will call you with all the news from our end. Best wishes and love, Sue and Helmut" sue and helmut




"got your e mail but for some reason it wont play i dont know if the site is down but i cant get it \'o\' well good to see you pal will probley come down to the quiz tomorrow. " nigel


"How amazing is technology. How amazing are our websites!! Hope to see you soon. I have a \'job\' for you. Not a favour this time! Hope all is well in your world. Big hug. Julie x" julie sands